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# [User manual]( - Control panel
- Overview of the component's administration
![Control panel](assets/cpanel.png)
- Notice the link to component's [Options]( on the top right (same position in Joomla 2.5)
![Control panel](assets/cpanel.png)
## Database statistics
- Shows how many rows are held in component's database tables (ids count)
![Control panel - Database statistics](assets/cpanel_database.png)
![Control panel - Database statistics](assets/cpanel_database.png)
## Sample data
- Clicking the **Install sample data** button will install predefined set of servers with configured elements
- Sample data can be installed multiple times, they will get new unique aliases (same applies to servers import feature)
- Installation of sample data can be also done by button(link) shown right after installing Easy Feeder
![Control panel - Sample data](assets/cpanel_sampledata.png)
![Control panel - Sample data](assets/cpanel_sampledata.png)
## About
- Information about Easy Feeder component
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- Various limits (you can check if memory limit setting has effect etc.)
- Versions of component, joomla 3 detecion and Virtuemart version
- List of authors and contributors
![Control panel - About](assets/cpanel_about.png)
![Control panel - About](assets/cpanel_about.png)
# [User manual]( - Servers
- Shows list of servers
- Used to define your feeds
- [Add/Edit Server](
- Shows list of existing server configurations
- Links to [list of server's elements](
- Links to feed output in different formats
- Server(s) **export** for future reimport (can be used to copy servers with all elements and settings)
- Server(s) **import** from previous export (you can import same servers multiple times, they will get unique aliases)
- You can [add/edit server]( from here
![Easy Feeder - Servers](assets/servers.png)
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- **Title**: Name of your feed, for some feeds like rss is used as feed title
- **Alias**: Unique alias for generating SEF urls and output file names
- **Server type**: select type of server which represents type of data source for your feed
- **After the type is chosen and server is saved, server type specific settings may appear**
- **After the type is chosen and server is saved, server [Type specific]( settings may appear**
![Easy Feeder - Server](assets/server.png)
# [Server]( - Output settings
- **Links appendix:** String appended to links inside feed *(must be supported by specific elements)*
- **Sef urls:** If links inside feed should be SEF *(must be supported by specific elements)*
- **Language:** Language for output values *(must be supported by specific elements)*
- **Encoding:** Feed encoding *(defaults to utf-8)*
- **Transform elements:** You can let the server transform all element names to uppercase, lowercase or first letter uppercase
- **Elements order by:** Ordering of element names
- **Elements order direction:** Direction of ordering of element names
- **Feed empty items:** This will exclude feed items having all element values empty instead of empty item element / csv row etc.
- **Save to file:**
- This will save feed output to file `images/stories/com_easyfeeder/output/{FORMAT}/{SERVER-ALIAS}.{FORMAT}`
- If cache is enabled and file already exists it will not be overwritten (when feed is returned from cache, file is not touched)
- If cache is disabled file will be overwritten every time
- Standard output will be flushed also (feed will show in browser even if save to file is enabled)
![Easy Feeder - Server output](assets/server_output.png)
# [Server]( - Type specific settings
- Settings specific to selected [Server type](
- Predefined servers has items ordering settings here
![Easy Feeder - Server type specific](assets/server_specific.png)
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