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- Joomla 2.5: Use up/down arrows or input boxes(ordering number) confirmed by clicking save icon
- *Both versions allow entering raw ordering values in elemet edit form*
![Easy Feeder - Elements](assets/elements.png)
## How to delete elements
1. Trash it (status => trashed)
2. Filter status to Trashed
3. Select elements to delete and click delete (Delete appears instead of Trash when filtered to Trashed)
## Some elements generate data substructures (multidimensional arrays) that will be printed as
- Sub-elements or attributes in xml
- Serialized strings in csv and html
- Json will be more or less same structure as xml
\ No newline at end of file
- Json will be more or less same structure as xml
![Easy Feeder - Elements](assets/elements.png)
# [Element]( - Advanced settings
- **Data type:** This will force the value to be selected data type such as integer
- **Apply function:** This will apply php function to the value
- **Argument 2:** Second argument for applied function *(first is the value)*
- **Argument 3:** Third argument for applied function
- See [PHP documentation]( for details about each function and its arguments
- *str_replace has swapped parameters (argument2=search-what, argument3=replace-with)*
- **Inherit parent value:**
- Will inherint element value from parent item depending on setting and child item value
- Useful for such things as virtuemart product category or price
- Should be fast, as inheriting uses values already prepared for parents
- Use foreach restrictions if you use values inheriting *(so parents get to the items array and get their value prepared, query where would prevent that)*
- Options:
- "If child has empty value" (inherit enabled, child has priority)
- "If parent has nonempty value" (inherit enabled, parent has priority)
- "Always" (force inherit, even empty)
- "Never" (don't inherit, default, best performance)
- **Excluded from feed:** This will remove this element from feed, but everything will be processed
- This is used when you need to restrict feed by some value and do not want that element in the feed
*(for example if you want to feed only products with product_in_stock > 0, but don't want to feed the stock value)*
![Easy Feeder - Element](assets/element_advanced.png)
# [Element]( - Basic settings
- **Feed empty value:** If set to Yes, element will be not printed for this item if its value is [`empty()`](
- **Prepend string to value:** Entered string will be prepended to value of this element
- **Append string to value:** Entered string will be appended to value of this element
- **Value is CDATA:** This will mark element value as raw character data type *(Optional)*
- **Translate value:** Pass value through `JText::_()` method *(Tries to translate value into the current language.)*
![Easy Feeder - Element](assets/element_basic.png)
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- **Element name**: Name of element, should not contain special or accented characters
- **Server**: Select server to which this element belongs, will be preselected if list of elements was filtered to one server
- **Element type**: select type of element which represents one property of one feed item
- **After the type is chosen and element is saved, element type specific settings may appear**
- **After the type is chosen and element is saved, [element type specific settings]( may appear**
- **Status:** Same publishing system any Joomla content
- **Ordering:** Number determining ordering (You can reorder more user-friendly from the [list of elements](
- **Value:** This will override the generated value (rather use element type "common/static_value" which does not extend database query anyhow)
![Easy Feeder - Server](assets/element.png)
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