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- **Joomla:** 2.5 ~ 3.x
- *Last test was in 3.4.1*
- **Virtuemart:** 2.6.14 ~ 3.0.x
- *Last test was in 3.0.9*
- *Last test was in 3.0.11*
- Partial compatibility with older versions since Virtuemart 2.0.x
- Product's GTIN/MPN will fall back to SKU on old versions
- Old versions should be theoretically working, but does not support some new/advanced things not present in old Virtuemart versions
# [Easy Feeder]( - Data sources
## Sources with advanced features and special server and element types
For following data sources have been created specific server types and element types to provide more advanced features
like detail sef urls, constructing category paths, formatting prices and other special behavior including filtering feed items by category or stock level, and many more.
Soecifically implemented data sources with examples of their specific features:
- **Content (Articles)**
- Filtering by categories
- Author names
- Category paths and filtering
- SEF urls
- Images
- Attributes
- Metadata
- **EasyJobs (Jobs)**
- Advertisers
- Custom fields
- SEF urls
- **Virtuemart (Products)**
- Category paths and filtering
- Prices formatting
- Filtering by stock, price, featured and more properties including custom fields
- Inheriting parent values to childs supported by all elements
- SEF urls
- Custom fields supporting filtering
## Custom sources with general features and behavior
Feeds can contain any information from database thanks to generic server types.
Custom sources can use common behavior of generic feed implementation:
- Server type "db_table" can be used to extract data from **any database table** inside Joomla's, so anything can be inside feed
- Element type "db_table/column" can be set up to select any column or function result from some database table
- Element type "db_table/joined_table_column" makes it possible to join table with other table and select column from that joined table
This makes it relatively easy to set up for example a feed of users with names of assigned usergroups, or submissions from some form component.
Sample data contains predefined db_table feed containing users with name of assigned user group
## Custom sources with custom features and behavior
EasyFeeder can also be extended by adding new server and element and renderer types (classes) to provide special features and advanced cooperation with other components or Joomla core.
......@@ -9,10 +9,12 @@ This is list of supported formats and it is mostly determined by present [render
- ***Debug***: For debugging purposes,
- Send your output of this format in plain text file along your support requests
- Prints whole server object, where sql query, elements, items and prepared data can be inspected
- Forces cache refresh if cache enabled and `force_refresh=0` parameter not supplied
- Forces cache refresh (if cache enabled and `force_refresh=0` parameter not supplied)
- Useful for debugging custom queries (For example when using db_table server type and column+joined_table_column settings)
- **CSV**: For "exports", generates Comma Separated Values documents
- **JSON**: For "ajax" calls to retrieve data by javascript
- **XLS / XLSX**: For "exports", generates MS Excel documents (since 3.8.0)
- Generating XLS/XLSX output format requires [PHP-Excel-Library](
- **JSON**: For "ajax" calls to retrieve data by JavaScript
- **HTML**: For displaying mined data on frontend
- Use `tmpl=component` request parameter for showing in modals or for some ajax purposes
......@@ -6,10 +6,11 @@ Generates various feeds/exports, primarily XML feeds for search engines.
For example Virtuemart products, Content articles and basically anything in different formats.
- [Features](
- [Data sources](
- [Output formats](
## Documentation
- [Quick start](
- [Supported output formats](
- [Compatibility](
### User manual
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