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# DEV Guide
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4. [Core implementations](#4-core-implementations)
2. [Development](#development)
1. [RYS engines/gems](./
2. [Work with tasks in ESko](./
3. [Code style](./
4. [Common errors](./
5. [Repositories](./
# How to work with tasks in ESko
ESko =
Every feature / bug is represented by a task in our ESko. Please follow the following workflow:
1. When you start working on a task, assign it to yourself and change its status to <<realisation>>
2. Update it on a daily basis to give the author information about your progress / troubles.
1. Communication with other coworkers should also be done using the task.
2. If we agree on something, please note it in the comments (For example discussion from 🚀).
3. When you are done, or have an increment for evaluation, create a MR in and a new Deployment for QA or the author.
1. RE-assign the task, with deployment (and linked MR), to QA or the author.
2. Assign the MR to 'Merge Request Pool'.
Testing and code review should be done simultaneously.
## New Deployment
Deployments are standalone isolated applications in our dev environment in the cloud.
They are bascially client applications with a copy of DB from "trials" and your source code...
On every task, in the 'more' menu, there is a button `New Deployment`. It opens a modal window with a form:
- 'URL' is automatically pre-filled with ID of the current task
- 'Repository' is by default "devel", you can change it
- 'Branch' is not limited to the ones in the select, just copy your **feature branch** to the text field
- 'Host name' is used as DB source, by default its `` and you can use this in most cases...
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