Commit c43d5a0c authored by Lukáš Pokorný's avatar Lukáš Pokorný

Merge branch 'overwrite_template_partial_with_marking' into 'master'

jak spravne oznacit zmeny v html template/partiale pri jejim prepisu

See merge request !13
parents be2b10d3 43135858
......@@ -26,3 +26,22 @@ Modification plugin could by generated by calling:
You can get additional info by calling:
rails generate redmine_extensions:plugin --help
If you need overwrite template/partial, mark the real changes using html comment in form do block:
<th><%= l(:label_name) %></th>
<th><%= l(:label_name) %></th>
<!-- added th do -->
<th><%= l(:label_description)%></th>
<!-- end -->
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