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# DEV Guide
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4. [Core implementations](#4-core-implementations)
2. [Development](#development)
1. [RYS engines/gems](./
2. [Work with tasks in ESko](./
3. [Code style](./
4. [Common errors](./
5. [Repositories](./
# How work with task in ESko
Every feature/bug is represted by task in our esko. You need follow current workflow:
1. Assign task to yourself, change it status into <<realisation>>
2. On daily-basis update task => give autor information about your progress / troubles
1. Also communicate through task with other poeple
2. If we agree on something, please note this on task (For example discussion from 🚀)
3. If you think that you are finish with work, create MR in and create new Deployment for author or QA
4. RE-assign task, with deployment (and linked MR) to QA or author
## New Deployment
Deployments are standalone isolated application in our dev environment in the cloud.
They are clients application bascially with copy of DB from "trials" and your source code...
On every task, in menu more is button `New Deployment`. Once you clicked on it, modal dialog appear => URL is automatically pre-filled with ID of task, repository is by default "devel" => you can change it. Branch is "suggester" contains our common branches, but you need to change it by your **feature branch** = type there name of branch.
Field `host name` is used for DB source = by default its `` and you can use this in the most of cases...
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