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......@@ -175,6 +175,22 @@ It's **forbidden** to overwrite lang keys from Redmine or Easy Project.
All text **must use** I18n and must be translated at least to EN.
##### Active record migration
In Easy Project we recognize 2 types of migrations, data and schema.
Schema migrations handle only changes to schema of database.
Data migrations which are always in **db/data** folder handle only changes of data.
Only exception if removal of db entities, eg. columns which could implemented in either type.
##### Overwriting of template / partial
One plugin can completely replace template / partial of plugin which loaded sooner. This pattern could be used
to implement changes, but only if you are rewriting more than 50 % of contents. In case of small addition create or use
[hook]( Hook must be created in appropriate repository, generally in core.
##### Syntax checking
Syntax error is not tolerated. MR with syntax errors in one of the supported version of language is returned.
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